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Yarra Eco Pty Ltd

Thanks for taking the time to visit the home of Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. We are a local Arborist company that offers a range of tree services in Ashwood, Victoria. We started operating in Melbourne’s south-east in late 2018 and we have been proudly serving the local community ever since. We offer free, professional tree advice to residents and business owners in Ashwood 3147. Whether you require some light tree trimming or large tree removal, you can count on a professional service from us at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. Ashwood falls under the City Of Monash jurisdiction and here you can find their tree rules and regulations in regards to tree removal permits.

When we started Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, we wanted to provide a comprehensive, expert tree service with a focus on quality and safety. That’s what we did! We offer many tree services in Ashwood including tree pruning, tree removal, shrub pruning, site clearance, stump removal, tree planting and 4WD access tree services. Our team is qualified, experienced and insured to carry out any form of tree work on your property, residential or commercial. We take pride in all forms of work that we carry out and we make sure to deliver the best tree services in the area.

climbing arborist pruning palm tree in Burwood

Tree Pruning Ashwood

We offer a full range of tree pruning services including deadwood removal, weight reduction, branch lopping, fruit tree trimming & more. We ensure your trees are safe, healthy and are looking pristine. Click here to read more about our tree pruning service.

Trimming a large hedge on ladder in Burwood

Hedge Trimming Ashwood

Have a hedge or bush that needs a good trim? Our team can prune or shape your hedges to exactly the height or shape you desire. If you require hedge topping or hedge pruning then Yarra Eco Pty Ltd are your local hedge maintenance specialists. Click through to find out more.

Tree planting services

Tree Planting Ashwood

Our tree planting service is important to us. Whether it’s planting new trees or transplanting established ones, we take pride in providing a professional planting service. Giving new trees or saplings the best start to life is something we do well at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. If you need professional tree planters to supply and plant a tree, click here to find out more information.

arborist cutting up large tree on ground

Emergency Tree Services Ashwood

Our team of Arborists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your tree emergency needs. Whether its a fallen tree or branch or an unsafe tree, our team can attend your property, inspect your tree and carry out all required work to bring it back to a safe condition. If you do have a tree emergency please call us immediately on 0370166216.

large dead gum tree on ground

Tree Removal Ashwood

If the time has come to have a tree removed on your property then you can count on Yarra Eco Pty Ltd to carry out the job safely and professionally. When carrying out tree felling we take pride in leaving no damage to your property, cleaning up your garden to a high standard and removing all debris if required. Read more about our tree removal company here.

shrub pruning services tools

Shrub Pruning Ashwood

Not only do our Climbing Arborists just prune big trees, they prune the small trees too, including ornamental shrubs. We can carefully trim, shape and prune your small bushes to stay in keeping with your garden. Cutting shrubs back into shape and leaving them looking great is what we do best, we’ll mulch all of the clippings too. Read more about our shrub pruning services by clicking on the photo.

using a stump grinder to remove tree stump

Tree Stump Removal Ashwood

Have a tree stump that needs grubbing out or grinding? Or a few shrub stumps that need removing? You can be safe in the knowledge that our professional stump grinding team can remove your stumps safely, efficiently and at a competitive price too. If you would like to know more about our stump grinding services, click here.

wood chipper services in burwood

Wood Chipper Services Ashwood

If you need some branches or green waste removed from your property but want to turn it into mulch for your garden, we can help. We’ll bring one of our team as well as a wood chipper to your property and turn your wood waste into valuable mulch. Wood chips can be used for many things around your property, click here to find out more about our mulching services.

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