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Hello and welcome to the home of Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. We are a local Arborist company that provides a wide range of tree services in Canterbury, Victoria. Yarra Eco Pty Ltd was founded in 2018 and we have been providing expert tree care ever since. We ensure that we supply a reliable, professional and friendly service to our new and existing clients in Canterbury. Whether you have a large Gum to remove or a small hedge that needs trimming, you can rely on us as your local tree experts. Canterbury falls under the Boroondara City Council jurisdiction. Find out more about tree permit rules and regulations in Canterbury.

Arborist Manager at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd

Josh McDowell

Arborist Manager

Why choose Yarra Eco Pty Ltd?

Our team of Arborist’s are professionally trained and accredited to tackle any tree pruning or tree removal project that we may come up against. We have a strong focus on quality workmanship and we do not compromise when it comes to safety. From the first phone call to the last leaf, we make sure our clients are left happy with the tree work we’ve carried out. Yarra Eco Pty Ltd are fully insured in the unlikely event that an incident should occur. As you can see from our Google reviews, we have lots of happy clients who have left us 5 star reviews. Some of the services we provide in Canterbury include tree cutting, gum tree removal, tree branch lopping, tree stump mulching, tree planting and more.

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Industry leaders in tree management.

Yarra Eco Pty Ltd proudly provides expert tree services in Canterbury, Victoria. We are a local, professional and reliable Arborist company

Our Arborist Services
in Canterbury

The most common service we provide in Canterbury is tree pruning. Tree pruning can be carried out for many different reasons including pruning to increase light in your garden, property clearance pruning, deadwood or dangerous branch removal and service wire clearance. We also carry out lots of palm tree pruning and palm tree cleaning in the local area. One of our specialties is 4WD access tree services.

Another common tree service we provide is tree removal in Canterbury. If you need a tree cut down or removed, you have come to the right place. Our team is highly skilled in large tree removal, tight access tree removal and tree rigging techniques. Safety is a priority for us at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd too. We make sure to leave our clients properties clean, free from debris and damage after a tree removal has been completed.

Tree planting services

Tree Planting Canterbury

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Emergency Tree Services

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Wood Chipper Services

Hedge pruning and trimming is also a common service we provide in Canterbury, Victoria. Whether you need your hedge topped, reduced in height or shaped, our hedge trimming experts can do it all. We make sure to leave your hedges looking in pristine condition as well as removing all of the hedge clippings. Hard to access hedges are our specialty including trimming hedges around swimming pools.

We don’t just look after the large trees either! We offer many pruning services for your small trees and shrubs too. Newly planted trees often require what we call, formative pruning. This includes removing any rubbing or crossing branches and any defects that may cause issues for the tree in the future. We also can shape, trim and prune your specimen shrubs to keep your garden looking fantastic.

We are also very passionate about planting new trees at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd and we always encourage replacement planting if a tree needs to be removed.

If you would like a free quotation or some expert tree advice please get in touch using the phone number above or the form below to book in a site visit.

The price of tree removal can vary greatly depending on size, location and the condition of the tree itself. It’s not a one price fits all situation with tree removal as all trees are different. It’s best to seek out a tree expert to provide you with a tailored quotation.

Yes, we do! All of the branches or limbs from your trees are fed through a wood chipper on-site and processed into mulch. We then provide mulch to our clients or take it to a recycling centre nearby. Wood or logs from trees are usually cut up into firewood and left on site unless specified otherwise.

The size and species of the tree are what determines whether you need a permit for tree removal. Upon visiting your property and having a look at the tree, we can advise as to whether a permit is needed or not. We will also process any tree permit applications free of charge as long as the work is carried out by Yarra Eco Pty Ltd.

We are fully qualified Arborists and we are fully insured up to ten million dollars should an insurance claim need to be made. In the unlikely event of damage to your property or one of our team, we are completely covered. Our insurance documents are available upon request.

Whilst looking at your trees from the ground we can provide a visual tree inspection. This includes looking for any defects, disease or dead branches. If we see something that doesn’t look safe, we will alert you immediately. Our team is well trained to assess the safety of your trees.