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Yarra Eco Pty Ltd

Welcome to the website of Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, tree care professionals. We are a local tree service company that provides a comprehensive list of Arborist services in Glen Waverley, Victoria. We opened up for business in Melbourne in 2018 and have been providing professional tree services in Glen Waverley since this time. We are proud to offer a reliable, expert tree care service to new and existing residential and commercial clients in Glen Waverley 3150. Whether you require small tree pruning or large tree removal, you can count on us as your local Arborist company. We also specialise in 4WD access tree services. Glen Waverley comes under the City Of Monash Jurisdiction and you can find all of their tree permit regulations on the council website here.

When we started Yarra Eco Pty Ltd as a local tree business, we aimed to provide a well rounded, expert Arborist company with no compromise when it comes to quality and safety. A couple of years on, we have hundreds of happy clients and plenty of 5-star reviews to support our initial goal. We provide many tree services in Glen Waverley including large tree removal, tree branch removal, tree pruning, stump removal, tree planting, tree cutting services and more. We have a fully qualified team who are friendly, knowledgeable as well as being approachable too. We are insured to carry out any level of tree works on your property and can guarantee a safe yet efficient tree service. You won’t be disappointed with our competitive pricing and high service standards. If you are into your trees like we are, a cool place to visit is the Arboretum in the Dandenong’s.

climbing arborist pruning palm tree in Burwood

Tree Pruning Glen Waverley

We provide an extensive range of tree pruning services including tree shaping, property clearance pruning, tree trimming, tree branch lopping, fruit tree pruning and more. We aim to ensure that your trees are left safe of any defects, visually pleasing and in a healthy condition. Click here to find out more about our tree pruning services in Glen Waverley.

Trimming a large hedge on ladder in Burwood

Hedge Trimming Glen Waverley

If you have an unruly hedge, bush or tree that needs a good trim, our team of expert Arborists are the right people for the job. Included in our range of hedge trimming services are hedge topping, hedge shaping, hedge pruning and hedge removal. Yarra Eco Pty Ltd can provide an annual hedge maintenance program to keep those green screens looking fantastic throughout the year. Click on the photo to find out more about our hedge cutting services in Glen Waverley, Victoria.

Tree planting services

Tree Planting Glen Waverley

Planting the next generation of trees has always been important at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. We like to recommend tree planting where and when it is possible for our clients. Our tree planting services include tree supply, tree planting, tree mulching and tree transplanting in Glen Waverley. If you have any questions regarding tree planting click on the photo to find out more about our planting services.

arborist cutting up large tree on ground

Emergency Tree Services in Glen Waverley

Our team of Arborists are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all of your tree emergency needs. Whether it’s a fallen tree or branch or an unsafe tree, our team can attend your property in Glen Waverley, inspect your tree and carry out all required work to bring it back to a safe condition. If you do have a tree emergency please call us immediately on 0370166216.

large dead gum tree on ground

Tree Removal Glen Waverley

Sometimes it is inevitable that a tree may need to be removed from your garden or commercial property. This may be due to health and safety concerns or to make way for a new tree. Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is proud to be local tree removal specialists, no matter what the tree or the location. We take great pride in ensuring that there is no damage to your property, all debris is removed and your property is left cleaner than when we started the tree removal process. Click through to read more about Yarra Eco Pty Ltd and our tree removal services in 3150.

shrub pruning services tools

Shrub Pruning Glen Waverley

Not only do we take pride in pruning the big trees at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, we really care about the small ones too! Every pruning cut we make, matters to us. We take great care in trimming ornamental shrubs to your desired height and shape, leaving them looking fantastic in your garden. Our expert Arborists know exactly where, when and how to prune your shrubs and we’ll make sure to remove all of the waste too. Read more about our expert shrub pruning services by clicking on the photograph.

using a stump grinder to remove tree stump

Tree Stump Removal Glen Waverley 3150

Need a tree stump removed on your property? Rest assured, our professional stump removal company can tackle any tree stump in any location. We operate a safe, efficient and cost-effective stump grinding service in Glen Waverley. If you would like to know more about how we grub out, remove or grind tree stumps, click on the photo.

wood chipper services in burwood

Wood Chipper Services Glen Waverley

If you are looking to hire a local wood chipper in Glen Waverley, why not hire one with a professional operator too? We can provide a professional tree mulching machine as well as a team to process, clean up your green wood waste and remove the debris from your property. If you have some tree branches that need mulching then get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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