Bunnings Box Hill

Landscape supply store

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We thought that we would take the time to feature on our website some of the suppliers that we use locally to pick up tools, parts and materials. Although we do try to shop locally and support small businesses a lot of the time, we decided to kick off with the old favourite Bunnings Box Hill. Most of the tools we use for tree work are too specialist to be available at Bunnings however we do stop by from time to time to grab some bits and pieces. Of course, we donate what we can in return for a cheeky sausage sizzle!

Our local Bunnings store is located approximately 10 minutes from the Yarra Eco office so it’s nice and close if we do need any essentials. One of the main things we buy regularly from Bunnings is Gloves. We need to protect our hands and we prefer the tight-fitting style gloves as they are the safest type for our industry. The reason behind this is that it is important that our gloves or any of our clothing for that matter don’t catch on branches whilst using a chainsaw or feeding a woodchipper. Another item we buy regularly is leaf rakes, our job can be pretty messy sometimes and we use rakes daily to clean up leaves and twigs in peoples gardens. The best rake that we have found in Bunnings Box Hill for raking up leaves and sticks is the Cyclone Super Garden Rake, they are lightweight, affordable and are easy to use. We will also buy small hand tools such as sockets, screwdrivers and other items as and when we need them for performing essential equipment maintenance. We also find Bunnings useful for picking up small quantities of materials for small maintenance or construction projects we might carry out in our depot.

Bunnings Box Hill has quite a few good features for tradies like ourselves such as a big timber yard with an easy access drive-through for loading up our utes with materials. We quite enjoy having a look around the outdoor nursery at the plants as well as seeing if there are any cool indoor plants for our office. A trip to Bunnings Box Hill during our workweek is usually quite a pleasurable experience and we always end up picking up a few extra bits that weren’t on our list. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Although we do like to shop mostly with small local businesses like ourselves we usually use Bunnings for the convenience factor and at least they do employ hundreds of people which does pump some money back into our local economy.

Bunnings Box Hill has good access for trade vehicles, a large car park and is located conveniently on the main road through Box Hill. Most of our work is around this area so it’s always easy for us to drop by during our workday. We know we have already mentioned the sausage sizzle but Josh our company director is a big fan. Bronson the company dog is probably a bigger fan though.