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climbing arborist pruning palm tree in Burwood

Tree Pruning

When it comes to pruning trees, our expert arborist team can advise on the best outcome for you and your trees. We carry out tree pruning to the highest of standards and focus on a happy balance between the tree’s health and your needs. Our climbing arborists are extremely experienced and highly qualified to undertake any form of tree pruning on any species of tree. Please read on to find out more about the different types of pruning services we offer and how we physically carry out these works.

large dead gum tree on ground

Tree Removal

Our job as arborists is to make decisions based on trees and their surroundings. If it is deemed that tree removal is required, we can carry out tree removals of any shape, size or form. Our team are highly trained in climbing techniques, aerial rigging practices and will remove a tree as safely and efficiently as possible. We specialise in large tree removals, tree dismantles, tree felling and site clearance tree removals. Please read on to find out more about how we remove trees and what is involved in the tree removal process.

large hedge being trimmed over pool

Hedge Trimming

If you have hedges on your property that need maintaining, you are looking at the right company. We carry out all forms of hedge pruning such as hedge trimming, hedge shaping, hedge topping and more. Our experienced team will advise and carry out all of your hedge trimming needs to a very high standard, leaving you the results you desire. If high access is required we can use climbing, ladders or elevated work platforms to carry out your hedge cutting projects.

shrub pruning services tools

Shrub Pruning

Fine pruning shrubs is an art form that should be left to the experts for the best results. Our team of tree experts at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd can prune, shape and trim shrubs of all species and sizes, whilst maintaining the aesthetic of your garden. We can tailor our pruning to your specific needs whilst also considering the health and longevity of your plants and shrubs. Read on to find out more on specific types of shrub pruning we offer as well as some common shrub species in Australia.

Tree planting services

Tree Planting

As well as pruning or removing trees, at Yarra Eco we gladly provide a comprehensive tree planting service. Our arborist representatives will guide species selection, planting location and a maintenance regime to keep your newly planted trees looking happy and healthy. We often recommend replacing trees that have been removed and help our clients to choose a suitable tree for their needs. Our team can supply, plant and take care of just a single tree on your property and/or multiple trees too. Yarra Eco also offers a hedge planting service, please read on to find out more about how we plant trees and what’s involved in looking after a new tree.

using a stump grinder to remove tree stump

Tree Stump Removal

Often when a tree is removed, the stump must be removed too. This may be to enable re-planting, to stop the tree re-growing or simply just to improve the look and feel of your property. At Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, we have a range of stump removal equipment that can be used to remove tree stumps of all shapes and sizes. Our team of Arborists take great care in using machinery on your property, following all correct operating procedures and leaving your garden immaculate when the stump removal is completed. Read on to find out what machinery we use and how tree stumps are removed

arborist cutting up large tree on ground

Emergency Tree Services

When trees decide to fail, it is never at a convenient time. At Yarra Eco, we provide a full 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency call-out service. Our team is on hand to deal with any tree emergency at any time of day or night. Whether it’s a whole tree that has fallen over, a broken branch or a concerning weak point, we can attend your property and ensure that the tree is made safe. If you do have a tree emergency and require our services, please call us on the number above and we will attend the site as soon as possible. Read more to find out different types of tree emergencies and how we work to make them safe.

Four wheel drive chipper truck in a paddock

Four Wheel Drive Access Tree Services

One of our specialities here at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is providing tree services in hard to reach places. But what do we mean by this? We have specialist four-wheel drive vehicles that can access places that normal Arborist vehicles can't. When it comes to maintaining the trees on your property, we can bring our four-wheel-drive truck and wood chipper unit into your paddock, field or up otherwise inaccessible hills. With our specialist plant and machinery, we can carry out tree works that otherwise may not be possible.

wood chipper services in burwood

Wood Chipper Services

If you have some tree branches or hedge clippings that need mulching, Yarra Eco is at your service. We can attend your property with one of our wood chippers and turn your woody waste into valuable mulch for your garden. We are well equipped to process any form of tree or hedge waste into a manageable product that we can even dispose of too, if necessary. To enquire about our wood chipping service, please give us a call or message today and we will gladly assist you. Please read on to find out more about our wood chipping & mulching services.


Drone Rescue Service

Have you got your Drone stuck in a tree? Don’t panic, our team of climbing Arborists are on hand to retrieve your airship! It is very common for Drone’s to end up in places that most humans can’t get to, including the tops of trees. Our team uses the latest tree climbing techniques to access the canopy of trees and rescue your Drone! Click the photo to find out more about our Drone retrieval service.