Four Wheel Drive Access Tree Services

We offer all of our tree services in hard to reach places

One of our specialities here at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is providing tree services in hard to reach places. But what do we mean by this? We have specialist four-wheel drive vehicles that can access places that normal Arborist vehicles can’t. When it comes to maintaining the trees on your property, we can bring our four-wheel-drive truck and wood chipper unit into your paddock, field or up otherwise inaccessible hills.  With our specialist plant and machinery, we can carry out tree works that otherwise may not be possible.

four wheel drive access vehicle on customers driveway
firewood logs in paddock

Four-Wheel Drive Access Tree Removal

If you have a tree that needs to be removed at the back of your property, paddock or field, our team of Arborist's and Tree Surgeons have got you covered. We can traverse wet, rough or steep terrain with our four-wheel driver chip truck so that your tree removal can be processed into mulch and firewood. Processing trees into mulch and usable firewood is usually the safest option rather than leaving piles of woody debris that could be a potential fire hazard in the summer months. We can either supply the mulch elsewhere on your property, leave it on-site or remove it completely. The same applies to the logs, we can either supply the firewood to a designated space on your property, leave them in situ or take them away.


Four-Wheel Drive Access Tree Pruning

Often we are asked to inspect or provide quotations for trees that require hazard pruning, deadwood removal or weight reduction. Some times these trees can be in hard to reach places, especially for larger vehicles. Our four-wheel-drive chip truck is perfect for accessing jobs where the debris cannot be left on-site or the branches need to be mulched. Some examples of this may be trees that require pruning in the middle of fields or paddocks, trees along access tracks or other rough terrain environments. As we are an Arborist contractor, it is common that our commercial clients will ask us to go into rural areas to prune trees that simply couldn't be accessed by larger chipper vehicles.

four wheel drive tipping load of mulch on grass paddock

Four-Wheel Drive Access Tree Mulching

Need a pile of branches chipped into mulch but you can't access the site due to rough ground conditions? That's no problem for us at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. Our four-wheel-drive wood chipper and truck combination can get into places that larger or heavier trucks can't. We can bring one of our towable wood chippers on to your property and turn piles of branches into usable mulch for your tracks or gardens. We can also use this vehicle to bring other specialist machinery into your property too, often we will bring in a stump grinder to remove tree stumps in hard to reach spaces.

four wheel drive access vehicle on customers driveway

Four-Wheel Drive Arborist Contractor

If you are looking for a contractor to carry out works in hard to reach areas such as rugged or steep terrain, Yarra Eco Pty Ltd would be happy to discuss this with you. As we are geared up for four-wheel drive tree works, it is common for us to work with other tree contractors that may require the use of our specialist four-wheel-drive truck and chipper. If you require a four-wheel-drive chipper truck for works in and around Melbourne, please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss pricing and availability.

At Yarra Eco Pty Ltd we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive tree service with a focus on safety and affordability. If you wish to enquire about our four-wheel drive access arborist services, please get in touch using the form below or give us a call.

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