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One of our specialities at Yarra Eco is offering a bespoke shrub pruning service to our clients. We give the utmost care and attention to the finer pruning side of things, making sure your shrubs look great and stay healthy. If you like to keep your shrubs and trees in pristine condition or you like a more wild feel to your garden, we can tailor our shrub pruning services to you. We utilise industry-standard pruning techniques to shape and care for your beloved plants.

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Shrub Shaping and Pruning

Pruning shrubs is often a service that arborist’s offer but don’t always have a keen eye for the smaller details. At Yarra Eco, our team knows exactly where and when to prune to achieve the best results for your small trees and shrubs. Ornamental trees can be a great feature in any garden but also need a little more care to keep them looking good and healthy. Every pruning cut we make at Yarra Eco matters to us. We are happy to provide expert pruning input into your garden, letting you know what will work best now and in the future. Regular maintenance pruning can prolong the life of your shrubs as well as keep them aesthetically pleasing.

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Bespoke Fine Pruning

Pruning smaller specimen trees is a fine art. It’s easy to do a lot of damage very quickly to a tree or a shrub with a chainsaw. Most of the fine pruning work that we carry out is done by hand with Japanese made Silky pruning saws and Felco Secateurs. Using the best tools is essential for us to carry out such a high standard of pruning. Even if the untrained eye cannot spot a poor pruning cut, it matters to us. Although we recommend a regular maintenance schedule for your specimen trees and shrubs, we know this may not always be possible.

One task we do carry out often is tidying up and making the best out of trees or shrubs that have been poorly pruned previously. We aren’t miracle workers but we can get very close to being so when it comes to sprucing up and shaping poorly pruned shrubs. Often people overlook a quality pruning job but if it’s done badly, it can be noticeable or catastrophic in some cases. We’ll do our best to get your trees and shrubs up to a standard where they can thrive for many years to come. Of course, we will also recommend a shrub removal if we see fit.

If you need an expert to come in and prune your shrubs to a bespoke standard, give us a call anytime. We are always excited to take on new challenges and projects as well as deliver the quality service that we are known for. You can be safe in the knowledge that Yarra Eco Pty Ltd doesn’t do anything by half, we own it. Call or email us today to lock in a complimentary site visit and a same day quotation.

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