Tree Planting Services

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At Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, planting new trees and shrubs is important to us. Often when we recommend tree removal, we always encourage replacement tree planting if possible. It may not always be possible to plant a tree in the same location however we can suggest another location on your property that may be suitable. We will provide you with a selection of species suitable for the planting location, making sure it will be the right tree in the right place. Whether it’s planting one tree in a residential garden or planting many for a commercial project, we can help you.

Tree planting services
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Tree Planting

Planting trees may seem like a simple task and in fact, it is, but it’s a task that needs to be carried out correctly to ensure that the tree(s) get the best start to life. This starts with selecting a species that is right for our clients and the planting location, making sure, for example, that the tree won’t be too big or too invasive in a small garden. Once a species has been decided on, we can then source and supply the tree, we always look for good quality stock from reputable tree nurseries. When it comes to the physical planting of the tree we make sure to plant the tree at the appropriate depth, mulch around the base of the tree and set stakes into the ground to ensure the tree has good stability when growing its first roots. We also will do any formative pruning that the young tree needs to make sure there are no future growing problems.

We also recommend an aftercare program to look after your newly planted trees, this usually involves some minor pruning, re-mulching and in some cases watering during the summer months. Giving your trees the best start to life is well worth the investment and can be very rewarding.

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Hedge Planting & Shrub Planting

Not only do we plant trees at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd, but we also offer a hedge planting and shrub planting service too. Hedges can be a great natural screen in the garden and giving them a good start to life is something that we take care of. We can provide species recommendations, pruning regimes and fertilisation options to give you the hedge that you are looking for in your garden. Similar to our tree planting service, we will make sure to provide you with the best quality hedge stock, plant them professionally and give them the care they need to thrive.

If you are looking for tree planting experts then look no further. Our team of qualified Arborists are well versed in tree planting in Melbourne, Australia. Get in touch if you would like to discuss tree planting on your property or at your place of business. We are always happy to discuss planting new trees, it’s great for the environment!

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