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If you are looking for an expert team of climbing Arborists to prune, shape or give your trees a trim, we have you covered at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd. We pride ourselves in providing a professional tree pruning service to residential homeowners, commercial businesses and more. You can be certain that our tree pruning experts carry out bespoke, high-quality tree pruning, no matter how big or small the job.

It doesn’t stop there either, from providing a quote to cleaning up the garden, our team takes ownership in delivering a premium pruning service. We’d like to take this opportunity to go through some common tree pruning practices that we carry out regularly. Of course, if you do have any questions regarding tree pruning or tree trimming, feel free to give us a call as we are always happy to help.

using a pole pruner to prune tree branches
tree climber reducing the height of a tree

Height Reduction

We often are asked to quote or provide advice around reducing a tree’s height. From a tree health perspective, reducing the height of a tree is not the best industry practice however there are some cases where it is acceptable. Fruit tree pruning for instance often requires tree height reduction to keep the fruit accessible and to stop treetops from becoming too heavy under the weight of fruit. If we feel that reducing a tree’s height may be detrimental to the tree, we will do our best to find a solution that works best all around.

Tree height reduction, sometimes known as ‘tree topping’ is often misconceived as a practice to make trees safe. Whereas topping trees can have severe repercussions if it is not carried out by a professional Arborist. Pruning the tops of trees may have initial benefits such as more light to understory plants however when the tree starts to regrow, the new growth can be poorly attached or weaken the tree as time goes by.

kino leakage after weight reduction pruning

Weight Reduction

One type of pruning that we do carry out a lot is weight reduction pruning. Reducing weight in trees can be a good practice to limit the risk of failure, especially if there are targets underneath. When we talk about targets, we are talking about trees overhanging properties or areas that people frequently occupy or anything that has the potential to be damaged by the tree, including us humans.

Carrying out weight-reduction pruning can give property and tree owners good peace of mind knowing that their trees are safer than they have been previously. Also, another benefit of having a climbing arborist swinging around in your trees is that if they see any defects, they can tend to them right away. Weight reduction pruning can also give good peace of mind in terms of if the tree is commonly exposed to bad weather conditions, reducing some of the load on the tree can make a big impact.

large tree branch removal pruning wound

Tree Branch Removal

There are many reasons that our clients require tree branch removal. As simple as it may sound, cutting branches off of a tree is a professional skill that should not be taken lightly. We use best industry practices to cut and remove branches in a safe and controlled manner. Our two main focuses when removing branches are, not causing any damage to surrounding obstacles and making correct final pruning cuts on the tree. Making the correct “collar cut” is one of the most important techniques in tree pruning as if it is not done correctly, the tree won’t be able to heal over and will eventually lead to decay.

Some other factors that we consider when removing branches from trees are not removing too much of the trees canopy at any one time, not unbalancing the tree and not leaving the tree looking unsightly. If for instance, we are carrying out branch removal on a large tree overhanging a house, we will use rigging techniques to safely lower manageable pieces down to our ground crew.

Tree branch removal is often referred to as ‘tree topping’ or ‘tree lopping’. Although these terms may be the terminology that’s used by the general public, they do not have a good reputation amongst us tree professionals.

Trees before and after property clearance pruning

Property Clearance Pruning

Another common tree pruning task that we undertake at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is property clearance pruning. Often the work we do as Arborists is working on large trees in small spaces and a great example of this is pruning trees to cohabit with buildings or infrastructure. Pruning to gain clearance to buildings can be very important to ensure that building facades or gutters are not damaged by swaying branches or tree litter. Regular pruning to keep trees away from your home can save on costly repair bills and stop unwanted critters gaining access to your property.

It may also be the case that your neighbour has requested you to prune a tree that overhangs their property boundary. We often help advise homeowners on the best way to approach these types of situations and what the best course of actions will be. If your neighbours offer to engage a tree service to prune your trees be sure to check who will be carrying out the work and how much they intend to prune. Poor pruning techniques can have long-lasting effects on the tree and may even result in your tree needing to be removed sooner than expected.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting or crown raising involves pruning the lower limbs of a tree to a discussed height before commencing the works. Lifting or pruning the lower limbs of a tree in the urban environment is a very common practice so they do not cause damage to people or property that may pass underneath them. Crown lifting is a fairly non-invasive pruning technique that can have more impact than any other type of pruning. For instance, if you are looking to get more light into your property, raising a tree’s canopy can allow the light to pass between the lower branches and the ground.

As with any form of tree pruning, there is a limit on how many branches should be cut off or removed at any one time. This amount can depend on multiple factors such as the species of tree, location, time of year and what is trying to be achieved.

If you are looking for a tree expert to come and prune your trees, Yarra Eco Pty Ltd are more than happy to come and discuss what’s best for you and your property. We pride ourselves in tailoring our services to our customer’s needs whilst still pruning to industry standards. Tree care is as much of an art as it is a science, we make sure to leave your trees looking good and highlighting any potential issues that your trees may have in the future.

If we haven’t answered a question you may have, or you would like some more information on the tree pruning services we offer, please get in touch using the button above or the form below. We look forward to coming and talking to you about your trees.

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