Wood Chipper Services

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A big part of what we do at Yarra Eco Pty Ltd is processing tree branches or woody debris. Generally, when we are carrying out tree pruning or tree removal for our clients, we will mulch any tree branches with one of our wood chippers and cut logs up to be used as firewood. Often we are asked to remove tree debris and branches from peoples properties and process them into usable mulch for the garden and this is a service we can provide separately if you have woody debris that needs clearing.

Mulching services and chipping
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Wood Chipping Services

If you have carried out some pruning works yourself or have some branches that you need to get rid of, we can attend your property and turn your branches into wood chips. Our team of qualified Arborists will attend your property with one of our wood chippers and process your woody green waste into mulch. It’s totally up to you whether you choose to keep the mulch or ask us to take it away however we usually recommend to our clients that they keep it as it is so good for the garden.

Branches have been chipped and turned into mulch

Mulch Supply & Delivery

Whether you are looking to mulch your trees, shrubs or vegetable garden, having mulch delivered by us can be a lot more cost-effective than buying it from a garden supply store such as Bunnings. We can deliver the mulch to your property and tip it somewhere convenient for you. We offer a mulching or mulch spreading service too, this involves us supplying the mulch as well as spreading it where required in your garden.

If you are looking for mulch for your garden, we can arrange to deliver a load or multiple loads to your property. Please get in touch below to see our current availability for mulch delivery.

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